My Experience at the Nail Lounge Delhi

Well to begin with the Nail Lounge is dedicated exclusively to Nails & Nail Care and it’s located in Vasant Vihar (exact location available on all their social platforms) 
Locate this and you’ll know you have reached 🔽

They offer services like Extensions – both Acrylic & Gel – Fresh Set or Infills, Manicure, Pedicure, Gel Polish & Regular Polish, Nail Art, etc. 

Well the first thought I had when I entered this place was – omg so many polishes !!!

I have faced this issue in a lot of Salons in Delhi where i hardly found any options be it in shades or in brands that they kept.

They have Brands like Orly – Both Regular and Gel ( Even their recent launch – the Five Minute Soak off ) and IBI Nail Polish which i personally used / tried for the first time and quite impressed with the results !!!

Also Orly is one brand which you hardly get to see in Delhi and at the same time many people really don’t know about it.. but it is one of best polishes around (for me after opi :P) The great part – they sell Orly polishes too – any and every shade… I was told that they are the only distributors in India for Orly… I ordered one for myself (which i got applied on my feet) as of now but I see myself ordering more from them in future for sure !!

The Interiors of this Place are done in a manner that perfectly suits the Purpose and is a delight for Nail Lovers like me !!!! 

They also sell Provoc Products which specializes in Make up and False Eye Lashes !! 

The Owner Deepika is herself a Nail Technician and has pursued Project Management from London !! So it’s a combination of both which led to this start up !! The thought behind this start up is also really sweet !! I got to interact with her and it was really inspiring !! 

The Nail Lounge Salon / Academy is pretty known for its services and courses all over India !!! Had heard a lot about it so I am glad that it made it to Delhi too around six months ago !!
So coming to my experience here…

I decided to try their Manicure & Pedicure. Both my hands and feet needed help 😛

I usually get a Pedicure once a month and normally i don’t get a Manicure done, rather I just get my Nails filed and Cuticles checked every week / 10 days !!!

This is where the Manicure / Pedicure Services are done :-

They have a wide and a unique variety of Manicure / Pedicure options. Trust me half of them even i happened to hear for the first time. 
Their Mani / Pedi Menu ranges from Spa Mani / Pedi to Cocktail Mani / Pedi…

Since i Love Wine so i decided to go for the Wine Mani and Pedi Both… 

Both my Mani / Pedi were being done simultaneously !!! I found their staff to be polite, well trained and experienced !! They took their time to make sure that every step is done with precision !! It kinda is annoying when the services are wrapped up in a hurry or done just for the sake of doing it specially when you are looking for results !! 

The entire process took about two hours but it was totally worth it !!! Here is the final look :-

For the Mani i used :-

And for the Rose Gold Glitter Polish i tried / used the IBI Nail Polish !!!

For the Pedi i used & also ordered :-

While getting a Mani / Pedi, keep the below thing in mind even though no one will tell you to :-

  • Always make sure that the tools they use are sanitized specially when they are made of any metal
  • Ideally one should never get Cuticles cut but if you do the entire process should never make you feel as if they are being pulled 
  • Always check and know the products being used  

I had a great time there !! The session was super relaxing and I felt really pampered and spoilt !! I definitely see myself going back !! Everyone was very sweet and warm and for me that’s definitely a highlight !! So i give this place a thumbs up for sure !!!  
Do share your views when you visit this place !!

Till then xoxo


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